About Me

I’m a young Games Programmer with key interests in back-end technology and scalable architecture.

I graduated from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) with an Advanced Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development – Specialising in Games Programming in 2013.

For as long as I can remember I have been extraordinarily passionate about technology and video games, growing up I’ve had the opportunity to watch as games and the technology they have used progress to produce the amazing quality and accessibility in games that we see today.

One of my biggest motivations for myself as a programmer, and what keeps me passionate about what I do, is when I am able to witness the joy and entertainment that I can can create and share with others. I am constantly striving to better my programming abilities, always looking to become the me +1 that I know I can be!

I am currently employed at Twiitch and have had the opportunity to work alongside fantastic people to produce quality work in a positive and encouraging working environment.